Saturday, 26 December 2015

19th December 2015 Christmas Party at ICW

Some Nerdy crazy modeller having their inhouse, mind their own business Christmas Pot Luck Party..... Thanks God there is no Xmas Group Build this credits to Chris Sia

What we going to do with all these Gifts?/?
Chow the electrician
The announcer gets a hamper...

Looks like a firm grip there....
Under table gift
Enjoy this Vintage kit!!!
More model for Jacque to cut up as spare parts
Thank you Dato Rahim
Hey you don't celebrate christmas !!!
The subtle "Oh No" expression
Caption this expression .....
Advertisement time ....Mr Topcoat is every modeller choice 
Must be some damn creepy model kit in that box .....that explained the happy face 
Where is the present wrapper???
The non modeller gets a model 
Francis gets it from Daniel 
Shermen you did a good job!!!

Today's event...lap dance ...yee haw 
Having dessert...
Having a good time least I did
After a heavy meal ....talkcock sing song and mix around 
The Baker ?!?!?
The Massauer ....
The Drumstick ....
That is a big hole ...with a half feet filling 
The Joker ....
The Butcher .....
Here comes the TURKEY!!!!
It haven't started but the satay are gone 
Happy couple chomping away

Everybody preparing the food while waiting others to arrive 

Andy Wong running around as if a small child 

Thanks to Rayloke for the Chibi Yamato, Chris for the 35th ani Macross, Siew Kong for the petit Bearguy and Klay for the Tamiya duster.
Where are the beers ???!!

1/48 Revell Mil Mi 24 Hind D

Last year our group Plazone and those from Hobby HQ organized a Airplane Group Build (AGB), building plane was something that I missed. During those old days, I started building airplanes before taking an interest in mecha/sci fi. I used to be a big fan of planes in WWII era and those during the Cold War. Just wanted to do something out of the ordinary, yet is consider a craft which can be taken in the air ( as the rues doesn't really state that it really need to be a conventional plane but a craft that can soar in the skies)

I always wanted to build a helicopter for so long, yet I prefer something in a larger scale besides 1/72 scale, which is quite small for a helicopter. Browse thru all the forums and online seler looking for a suitable candidate. As I was inquiring for a suitable subject, I came across a 1/48 Mi Mil 24 Hind D from Revell. First thing pops into my mind......NOWAY Revell kits is shitty and NOBODY builds it!!!!...yet my mind are determined on the Hind D brings back memories of Metal Gear Solid and Rambo. As my search goes I did found out that Dragon does product the Hind D in 1/35 and the price are way too hefty for a cheapskate modeller like me. I WILL JUST TAKE MY CHANCES WITH REVELL!!! and there goes my order from oversea order, and the Revell kit landed right infront of my door steps within days.

I will give Revell a big pat on the shoulder for the great artwork on the box !!!! This gives me another shoved in motivating me, that the Revell kit wasn't so bad at all ....not.

Opened the box and went thru all the runners, well, plenty of flash to be clean. There is such an intuition that this is going to be one HELL of a build in terms of fitting  once I study the instruction manual. Started off with the cockpit and everything seem quite smooth except for a few pieces which needs trimming before it can fit into place. In terms of details , its just not sharp at all but what is there to complaint for the price I had paid are rather cheap for this kit. The cargo interior was surprisingly fitting. Colored the interior with the great old Russian turqouise cockpit scheme and the dials and turns according.

Things getting complicated as I were putting the 2 halves of the Hind D sandwiching the cockpit and cargo bay. It took me a few days to get the halves together with plenty of fitting issues. Re-scribe all the panel lines after I sand down all those raised panel lines ( another downsize of the kit). If I was not mistaken it took 3 times of polyester puttying to correct the steps and gap on the underbelly of this Hind D.

In the End, I chose the Beige /Green camo for the model. With few layers of enamel Buff color to blend in the green towards the beige sandy camo color. Enjoy the finished kit below, it may not be the best Hind D out there, but I m happy with the results so far .


Resin Figure Asuka Langley

Single Boy!! Single Boy!! Single All the Way!!
Online Games!!! Mastubate !!!
We Go All the Way !! Hey!!

Single Boy!! Single Boy!!
Why can't you we be Gay??
No more wait, No more ate , Let us all be Gay!!

( So funny lyric I saw in Facebook for Jingle Bell)

Was rather aimless on Christmas night, was sleeping the whole day and turns out that I was sleepless after at night with a few boost of caffeine drinks. Eyes were brilliantly wide open and the sounds of the clock can be heard 'tick tocking' away..... Just done snapfitted another 144 kit and really not in the mood to do another plastic kit to past the wee hours.

Then there she is lying silently in her box, silently whispering, calling out my name.

The GK resin kit from a recast from a PVC figure, Asuka Langley sculpture by Shunya Yamashita. It had been a long time I had admired Yamashita sculpts. He brings out the sexi-ness of a animated girl in a mysterious way ...the face emotion the curves are just perfect.  

After a few hours of pinning with 0.8mm brass rod.

Pic1 :  Pinning of the legs. The Still some small gaps. Notice the talcum powder ? I used it as a filling for the gaps. Squeez in some superglue and then wipe on some talcum powder.

Pic2 : Temporarily pinning of the head and hair. Pic3 to 5 view from different angle