Saturday, 26 December 2015

19th December 2015 Christmas Party at ICW

Some Nerdy crazy modeller having their inhouse, mind their own business Christmas Pot Luck Party..... Thanks God there is no Xmas Group Build this credits to Chris Sia

What we going to do with all these Gifts?/?
Chow the electrician
The announcer gets a hamper...

Looks like a firm grip there....
Under table gift
Enjoy this Vintage kit!!!
More model for Jacque to cut up as spare parts
Thank you Dato Rahim
Hey you don't celebrate christmas !!!
The subtle "Oh No" expression
Caption this expression .....
Advertisement time ....Mr Topcoat is every modeller choice 
Must be some damn creepy model kit in that box .....that explained the happy face 
Where is the present wrapper???
The non modeller gets a model 
Francis gets it from Daniel 
Shermen you did a good job!!!

Today's event...lap dance ...yee haw 
Having dessert...
Having a good time least I did
After a heavy meal ....talkcock sing song and mix around 
The Baker ?!?!?
The Massauer ....
The Drumstick ....
That is a big hole ...with a half feet filling 
The Joker ....
The Butcher .....
Here comes the TURKEY!!!!
It haven't started but the satay are gone 
Happy couple chomping away

Everybody preparing the food while waiting others to arrive 

Andy Wong running around as if a small child 

Thanks to Rayloke for the Chibi Yamato, Chris for the 35th ani Macross, Siew Kong for the petit Bearguy and Klay for the Tamiya duster.
Where are the beers ???!!

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